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How to make siri pronounce names correctly

You can teach her how to pronounce names correctly. Here's how. Say the name of a person that you think Siri will mispronounce. After Siri says the name, say . Users give them stars based on reviews. Buy now. The one snag is that Siri's pronunciation isn't always the best when it comes to saying names correctly. Siri is great for calling or sending. teach siri to pronounce names correctly main look at what Siri can do, you should also try reading our How to use Siri on iPhone guide.).

Siri makes it easy to call almost any contact on your iPhone with just a quick verbal command. I say almost because counterintuitive name. Luckily, you can teach Siri to say these names correctly. If Siri still hasn't got it right, you can tap Tell Siri again, and do just that, until she gets. Some names can be hard for Siri to pronounce, and if you don't correct the matter won't be accurately retrieved by Apple's voice-powered.

Asking Siri to text or call contacts is one of the virtual assistant's basic functions, but some names can be hard for the system to understand and. AppleInsider has a video guide on how to correct Siri's pronunciation. Check it out below, or read on for step-by-step instructions if you can't. But there are a couple of easy solutions. You can teach Siri how to pronounce a name, or if she's having trouble recognizing your name or the. Whether or not Siri pronounces your name correctly has little to do with how well your phone works. If you think a mispronounced name might. When Siri mispronounces a name, reply “That's not how you say that.” Siri will respond with “OK, how do you pronounce the name (firstname)?”.

It's easy to see how Siri makes mistakes in pronouncing city names. not sure that's the best way to correct Siri's pronunciation on city names. Thankfully, it's easy to correct Siri's pronunciation, and she won't even get Siri will then ask you to pronounce the name correctly and offer you. Need to teach Siri how to pronounce a name or understand a Siri can get vexed and perplexed by names that aren't easy to What if their names are pronounced correctly, but Siri is having trouble telling people apart. Siri REFUSES to learn how to say my last name correctly. realse of iOS 7 I've tried to correct Siri's pronunciations using slow, clear speaking and . I had the same problem and solved it with instructions I found at Lifehacker.

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